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Identifying Stakeholders

Stakeholder Engagement
When planning tumor screening it is necessary to engage a variety of stakeholders.

View tips on stakeholder engagement.


Overcoming Barriers

Overcoming Barriers
One important issue regarding universal screening is whether informed consent is necessary. Ethics committees that have reviewed this issue have determined that explicit informed consent for screening is NOT necessary. For an example of one such decision click on the following link.

See an example of one such decision.

Ethics Decision
Most sites that are performing universal tumor screening have agreed with the ethics decision above and do NOT require written informed consent prior to screening. Click here for results of an informal LSSN survey showing that the minority of institutions require consent. However, there are a few sites that have implemented written consent.

View an example of one consent form.

IHC consent

Some sites are providing patients a brochure with their pre-op packets. The brochure explains universal tumor screening and lists a telephone number patients can call if they have any questions or concerns.

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Initiation Letters

Request for Testing:

Physician Notification: